Benefits of Baling

A wide variety of commercial and industrial waste can be baled ready for recycling. The benefits of waste baling include:

  • reduced storage space
  • increased ease of transportation
  • reduced waste costs
  • reduced carbon emissions from transport

Below we outline just some of the materials that can become more manageable (and potentially more profitable) through baling…

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Cardboard
  • Film
  • Tyres

Is it difficult and time consuming to bale?

Considering the alternative to baling cardboard for example, you will require employees to constantly cut up and flatten boxes manually. And the labour hours for doing this can be easily offset when a cardboard compactor is doing the same job that it would take many employees to do. And even then, the same level of volume reduction could never be achieved as it could be with a cardboard compactor. With a compactor waste is imply popped in and automatically flattened, much more quickly than if manually handling it. A cardboard compactor therefore aids convenience as well as cost savings.

Is it expensive to purchase a baler?

Compared to the cost of multiple bins, which take up a lot of room and need emptying regularly, baling recyclable materials reduces the frequency of waste collection which not only reduces emissions of vehicles on the road, but reduces the cost with your waste collection company, as they don’t need to come as often. Baling your waste with one of our largest Mill Size balers can also maximise rebates on the recyclable material as this can be transported directly to a recycling facility without the need to be re-baled into Mill Size bales as a materials recovery facility. This lack of double handling maximises the return as it’s less labour intensive. Over all, if you’re producing enough of a single type of recyclable material, baling it can often be less expensive than using bins or skips to store and have it collected in. We offer a free waste audit and can assess the best option for your business in terms of materials produced and best return on investment, while always aiming to increase recycling and minimise carbon impact.

Our dry waste collection services are operated throughout the UK giving us the ability to manage individual business locations and multi-sited, regional and national organisations.

At One Stop we have the expertise and positioning to offer a full suite of waste management services ranging from non hazardous scheduled weekly collections of commercial waste through to collections of multiple waste streams including, packaging materials and baled commodities, waste electrical & electronic equipment and hazardous waste.

Confused? Our experts can talk you through the baling solutions which will best suit your budget, space and waste volumes. Simple fill in an enquiry form on the right of the page and we will get in touch.

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