A baling machine is a useful piece of recycling equipment. A baler uses a press which presses together waste material so that it can be tied together to create a bale. It can then be sold to a recycler for reprocessing into new products.

Does your organisation produce large quantities of one type of waste suitable for recycling? For example cardboard, paper, plastics or metal? If you are paying for frequent collections, you may benefit from using a baler to compress and bale your recyclable materials. A baler will compress your recycling into consistently shaped bales for easy storage and transport.  Baling recyclable material can increase the value (rebate) you can earn from selling it to recyclers and reduce your carbon footprint.

Balers can come in various sizes and have different features.

  • Small Balers are ideal for those wanting to reduce the number of bins they are having emptied each week or sites that have limited space to store commodities.
  • Mill Size Balers create the correct sized bale to maximise the rebate paid by recyclers for the collection of your material.
  • Horizontal Balers produce the same size bales as a Mill sized baler but runs on sensors therefore require minimal man-power.
  • Fully Automatic Balers are ideal for those who are looking to produce significant bales of cardboard or plastic. These are ideal for distribution centres and packaging companies who are producing large volumes of waste daily.

A baling equipment specialist, such as a member of the One Stop team, will be able to assist you in making the correct decision for your business. Our experts will consider the volume, size and type of materials generated daily and how much space you have available to accommodate the equipment.

Baler’s can be hired or purchased, depending on your business requirements. Purchasing a baler gives you complete control of the processing of your cardboard or other material, however many people prefer to hire a baler to benefit from ongoing maintenance and service agreements.

At One Stop, we can offer you a tailored solution to meet your needs. Contact our team to discuss your options.

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