What is the difference between a baler and a compactor?

If your organisation regularly handles large volumes of waste material, a waste compactor or baler will help make things much easier. Understanding the difference between the two machines will help you decide which will suit your recycling strategy.

Both balers and compactors reduce the volume of waste materials by compressing it. The key difference is the type of material they process.

Producing lots of general waste? You need a compactor to reduce collection costs

A compactor is used to compress large quantities of unsorted general waste into one container before it is collected by your waste management company. The compactor reduces the volume of waste so that you can decrease the frequency of waste collections. As well as minimising your costs, this can drastically reduce your carbon footprint as you will be helping to reduce vehicle movements.

Many people choose to invest in a compactor to reduce the number of general waste containers in their premises. They can come in a variety of sizes to suit your business and can reduce your waste volumes 5:1.

Generating high volumes of cardboard or another single stream recyclable material? Invest in a baler to increase recycling rebates

Balers are ideal for condensing recyclable material such as cardboard, paper, plastics or metal for resale. A baler will mechanically compress the material into a neat, consistently sized bale and bind it to stay in shape. Bales can then be easily stacked and stored before they are taken away to be recycled. Similarly to compactors, having a baler will mean that you will need fewer recycling collections. Bales of recycling can also be sold for higher value (recycling rebates).

There are different types and sizes of balers available so you can select the right one for your business. Check out our full range of balers here.

Make the right choice for your business

What works for one organisation might not work in another. Before investing, you need to decide what piece of equipment is right for your business. Consider what problem it is you’re trying to solve – do you need to reduce your waste volume or do you have large quantities of recyclable material that could generate a rebate?

It may even be time to rethink your entire waste management strategy. As businesses change, so will your waste outputs and what you’ve previously done may no longer be the most economic or environmental choice. If you’re looking to improve your waste and recycling efforts, our team can help you by giving you a free waste audit and identifying potential improvements.

Often larger organisations will require both a baler and a compactor. With our hire service, you can trial hiring a piece of large recycling equipment before investing in your own new or refurbished machine.

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