BM3000 Static Waste Compactor

BM3000 Static Waste Compactor

Robust, versatile and reliable... Reduce Transport Charges and Help to Lower Vehicle Emissions.


  • BM3000 - Hand Loaded
  • BM3000 - Bin Lifter with Trunion
  • BM3000 - Bin Lifter with Comb


  • Smart Tec (Status Notifications)
  • SolarPac  (Solar Power)
  • Photo Cel
  • Extra Side Loading Door
  • Bin Lifter Trunion or Comb (BM3000 TL & BM3000 CL)
  • Oil Cooler
  • Enclosed Hopper

Static Waste Compactors allow tremendous versatility. They offer universal connection to compactor skips ranging from 12 to 40 cubic yards, delivering compaction ratios of up to 4:1.

  • Bespoke Loading Options Including 'Dock Loaders' & 'Automated Eurobin Lifters'
  • ¾ Full Warning System
  • Key Start Operation
  • Text & e-mail Notifications of Machine Status (50% full/full etc.)
  • Remote Diagnostic Functionality
  • Made in the UK

All Purchases Inclusive of Delivery, Installation, Commissioning and Operator Training.

Download Specs

Dimensional Data BM3000 BM3000 TL&CL
Overall Width 2280mm 4335mm
Overall Length 3320mm 3320mm
Overall Height 2493mm 2465mm
Feed Height 1240mm 1240mm
Back Wall Clearance 500mm 500mm
Side Wall Clearance 1000mm 1000mm
Machine Weight 3500kg 4200kg
Charge Box Volume 2m 2m
Charge Box Width 1500mm 1500mm
Machine Specifications  
Compaction Ratio 4:1
Compaction Force 32 tonnes
Ram Penetration 300mm
Motor 7.5 kW
System Pressure 145 bar
Cycle Time 45 secs
Number of Rams 2
75% and 100% Full Light  
Electrical Specifications  
Supply Voltage 415VAC
Phase 3 Ph
Max Current 32 A
IP Rating IP 55
Control Circuit 24 vdc


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