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Cardboard balers can reduce the cost of your waste... 

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Loose or non-baled materials require a tremendous amount of space compared to baled waste. One of the main benefits of baling as much of a waste stream of recyclables as possible (such as bulky cardboard) is that the materials are removed from the waste stream. Even when there is no ‘recycling program’ in place this can lower waste hauling requirements considerably, since even a small quantity of baled recyclables would probably be picked up at no charge by a recycler. 

Cardboard balers are almost essential pieces of equipment. As cardboard is extensively used for packaging, a large amount of it ends up in landfill sites. By using a Cardboard baler you can help to conserve the environment by crushing cardboard and compacting large amounts into a singe cardboard bale which is easier to then transport. Cardboard is fed in and compressed, then tied off with baler wire, baler twine or baler tape, to await collection.

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Cardboard baler price

The cardboard baler cost need not be prohibitive to your business. It can often make financail sense to bale cardboard on your premises, for direct onward transportation to a recycling plant, rather than having stacks of bins or large skips. The benefit of baling card of high quality is not only financial, but space saving and also allows you the increased recycling levels which come with separating individual waste and recycling streams as soon as they become 'waste'.

How much does a cardboard bale weigh?

A typical corrugated cardboard bale weighs 600-1100lb per cubic yard, which when compared to the alternative of 50-100 lb [per cubic yard, you can see the efficiencies clearly.

Cardboard baler for sale

If you would like to buy a cardboard baler, our friendly team can visit and ensure we offer the right solution for your business. We can even arrange a 'try before you buy' arrangement to test out how the equipment works in your business before committing to the purchase.

Cardboard baler for hire

If you are looking for a carboard baler for hire, we offer rental agreements and produce a comprehensive p&l to demonstrate the investment versus the return. We have various options and even offer a 'try before you buy' facility. Just ask one of the team to help and we'll arrange a site audit.

Cardboard baler sizes

There are a number of cardboard baler sizes, depending on the size of equipment you choose, which in turn depends on the volume of waste you are looking to bale. If you're unsure we can guide you through this and make a suggestion as to the best option for you.

Mini cardboard baler 

A mini cardboard baler is the type of baler you may find at the back of your local mid-size one stop shop or supermarket. These are sometimes referred to as 'plug and play' as they plug into a normal electrical socket and off you go.

Large cardboard baler 

If the amount of cardboard you produce is of a larger volume, you may require a large cardboard baler. These willproduce Mill size cardboard bales which can be directly transported to a cardboard recycling factory, without the need for your recycling company to double-handle the waste and rebale at a materials recovery facility. This minimal handling reduces the cost of producing the bale and can maximise the rebates you can earn from your cardboard bales.

Portable carboard baler

If you require a baler which can be moved from one location to another, you may want to consider a portable cardboard baler. If you'd like to understand the range of options available, simply contact us using the contact form or phone number on this page and we will be more than happy to help.

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