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May 20th 2019

The Company

At The Cotswold Company we believe in making things better than they need to be & more affordable than they should be. Everything we create is designed to be both beautiful and useful…and that’s why we do what we do. We make timeless, rural classics, for people whose hearts are in the country, and who care about the little things in life. Everything we make is designed to slip effortlessly into a lived-in home, playing a starring role in life’s everyday stories.

For 25 years we’ve been all about elevating individuality, being part of family life, and helping to create everyone’s home sanctuary.

Cotswold Company

The Need

Cotswold Company contacted One Stop when they were faced with increasing waste management costs due to their rapid expansion.

The waste burden at Cotswold Company certainly isn’t uncommon with large volumes of lightweight packaging to contain and dispose of. Predominantly the waste was split into three waste streams – Cardboard, Shrink Wrap and Polystyrene (EPS).

Prior to One Stop's involvement this was all being routed into skips.

The Solution

After conducting a site survey we recommended use of an EPS compactor coupled with a Mill Specification Vertical Baler to deal with the plastics and the cardboard. Cotswold followed One Stop's recommendations and they now have a pair of high quality waste handling machines.

The baler produces Mill Specification bales of Cardboard and plastics. The EPS machine produces high density briquettes of EPS which can be stacked and stored prior to collection. This is high value material which commands prices of circa £300.00 per tonne in the current market. (April 2019)

Cotswold Company
Cotswold Company
Cotswold Company
Cotswold Company

The Results

The aesthetics of the yard area have improved hugely. Containment of such lightweight waste within skips was impractical and expensive. Cotswold Company have been forward thinking enough to consider the environmental benefits as well as the cost benefits.

General waste volumes are now almost non-existent and all of their packaging material can be segregated, captured and fully recycled. Cotswold company are now working closely with One Stop to apply similar systems and disciplines throughout their estate.

Cotswold Company
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