Ferdinand Bilstein

April 26th 2019

The Company

For more than 25 years, the bilstein group has been delivering high quality vehicle components to the UK aftermarket. With three prestigious product brands (febi bilstein, SWAG & Blue Print), and a brand new building under way, our dynamic and innovative logistics are constantly developing to find new solutions. We work hard to serve the aftermarket and deliver the best customer service possible.

Ferdinand Bilstein UK Ltd is a subsidiary wholly owned by the family run company Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH + Co. KG.

As a world leading specialist in the automotive aftermarket, we combine a high standard of quality products, long-term experience as a manufacturer and supplier, and a dedicated customer focus.

Ferdinand Bilstein - The Need

The Need

Ferdinand Bilstein (FB) Markham Vale was a brand new custom built warehouse. One Stop were consulted at the planning stages, prior to construction of the facility.

The primary focus was in capturing the high volumes of recyclable packaging and turning this into a revenue stream.

The Solution

FB work with a colour coding system within the warehouse to encourage and to maximise segregation and capture of valuable commodities. The facility is supported further by a mixed recycling service to serve the offices and recreations areas. Benefits are now been realised from Ferdinand Bilstein's innovative waste management planning. Non- recyclable general waste is absolutely minimal and managed via weekly collections of trade waste containers.

We installed a semi-automated horizontal baler which fed from inside the warehouse, directing the baled cardboard outdoors into the waste collection area.

This allowed for minimal exposure to the outdoor elements for the FB operatives. The system was also complimented by an automated bin lifter. Several 1100 litre internal bins were also supplied to allow for waste packaging capture from multiple points of generation within the warehouse. One Stop also supplied bins fitting with a towing system to allow for transit of multiple containers to the baler.

Ferdinand Bilstein - The Solution

The Results

With One Stop’s advice FB took the bold step of integrating our suggestions for introduction of waste handling equipment into the buildings design.

They now have a sustainable recycling and waste management plan in place allowing for maximum capture of recyclates such as plastic packaging, cardboard, pallet strapping, wooden pallets and metal waste. With ambitious and imminent expansion of the Markham Vale operation, investment in such a robust and scalable waste management strategy will allow for expansion without the need to re-visit or make any significant changes to the waste management strategy.

The Feedback

“We have developed a great partnership with OneStop Managed Waste Solutions and their dedication to our new site is evident in all aspects of our waste management functions. We highly appreciate their attention to detail and operationally minded approach to our recycling needs. From making a speculative initial enquiry to the installation of equipment and ongoing support, every aspect has been managed professionally. Accurate drawings, designs, planning and regular communication with a dedicated account manager has made the whole process consistently logical and cost effective.

Great products, competitive prices & a thoroughly professional approach to our requirements.”

Tony Allen, Facilities Coordinator, Ferdinand Bilstein

“It’s very common indeed for businesses to consider waste management as an afterthought, once new facilities are up and running. Good effective waste management planning is crucial and neglecting to give this serious consideration within planning can adversely affect the whole production operation once a warehouse and distribution centre is fully operational. Ferdinand Bilstein were forward thinking enough to understand this and allowed One Stop to help them develop a robust and sustainable waste management plan that allowed for their ambitious future growth”.

Paul Gratton, Commercial Manager, One Stop Managed Waste

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