We supply both Static and Portable Waste Compactors which are ideal for high volume waste producers where space is at a premium.

Portable compactors are self-contained units. The whole unit is taken away from site then emptied and returned.

These waste compactors can be made fully liquid-retentive, which makes them ideal for the food industry. They can also be fitted with bin lifts to accommodate wheelie bins from 240 to 1100 litres. Static waste compactors are designed to operate with universal containers varying in sizes between 12 and 40 cubic yards. When full, the container is disconnected from the compactor and the contents are taken away for disposal or reprocessing.

These machines can also be fitted with automated bin lifters. Bespoke loading hoppers can also be built to suit a variety of applications for both manual and machine loaded operations.

12 Month Warranty

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