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What is a horizontal baler machine?

Balers are machines that take dry waste, such as cardboard, compress it and pack it into bales. From here bales are easily handled and transported to recycling plants. Horizontal balers process waste differently than vertical balers.  Recyclable waste is thrown into a hopper, and when the hopper is full, a ram from the side compresses the material with a horizontal force until the bale is complete.  The bale is then tied off with wires and ejected from the side of the baler.

Semi-automatic vs automatic horizontal baler

There are many kinds of balers, including semi-automatic and fully automatic. Fully automatic recycling balers are ideal for large recyclable waste producers looking to efficiently produce mill size bales. Semi-automatic balers are more suited to mid to large recyclable waste producers who don't have the throughput to justify a fully automatic baler.

How does a horizontal baler work?

The horizontal waste baler machine can be fed by chute, tipper, conveyor, forklift and by hand from either ground or dock levels but are restricted on the amount of bales that can be produced per hour and require more labour involvement during their operation. Producing bale weights from 400kg to 800kg

Benefits of a horizontal waste baler 

Like vertical balers, horizontal balers have several advantages and benefits over vertical balers:

1.     Higher Volume. Typically horizontal balers can process a higher volume of bales per day than vertical balers.  They may also produce bales that are larger than those produced by vertical balers.

2.     Consistency. Horizontal bales produce bales that are consistent in density and weight, making them easier to store in end users’ warehouses. 

3.     Convenience. Horizontal balers can be used with in-ground or above-ground conveyor belts, shredders, and air systems. Such applications provide greater convenience for the consumer and often require less manpower to operate.

4.     Wider Applications. Most horizontal balers can process a wide variety of materials. They may process things such as painted aluminum siding or radiators, and they produce better bales for non-elastic materials such as newsprint or office paper.

Horizontal cardboard baler

Horizontal balers are often used to bale up large quantities of carboard as well as polythene, PET and paper, for direct transfer to recycling plants. Depending on the market demands, these items can be classed as a commodity and many earn your business a rebate.

Horizontal baler consumables

With an extensive selection of waste baler consumables within our range, customers could be forgiven for not knowing which product is right for them. After all, baling tape, baling twine and baling wire all help to secure recycled materials into a neat and tidy bundle. But is one type of consumable better suited to specific balers than others? Our qualified team of experts can assist if you’re unsure, or if you know what you’re after please visit our shop here and order today, with Free UK-wide delivery.

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