Enhance your environmental profile and reduce costs with Portabale.

Finally... A baler designed and built specifically for the Construction Sector... Portable, rugged and compatible with your 110 volt power source...

  • UK-wide bale collection and recycling service offered
  • ‘Portable’ rental agreements allowing for equipment to migrate to new projects
  • Full maintenance provided
  • Operator training provided by our engineers

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Technical Specifications  
Pressing Power 4 Tonnes
Cycle Time 90 Secs
Overall Dimensions Width = 1010mm
Height = 2140mm
Depth = 830mm
Overall Dimensions (Including lifting cage) Width = 1200mm
Height = 2280mm
Depth = 830mm
Loading Aperture Width = 810mm
Height = 620mm
Approximate Weight of Machine 600kg (excluding waste material)
Maximum Bale Size Width = 810mm
Height = 620mm
Depth = 500mm
  • Bale weight up to 75kg depending on material
  • Low maintenance and long life electro-hydraulics - efficient and reliable
  • Single Phase 110 volts 1.1kw
  • Distortion free press ram, guidance on all sides - prevents biased load stress and reduces wear
  • Reliable modern electronics with push buttons
  • All safety requirements in accordance with CE directives

Tackling ‘Pressing Matters’ in the construction sector.

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