Portable Waste Compactor

Versatile Waste Compactors with Liquid Retentive Properties.

Favoured by the food industry for their liquid retentive properties, portable waste compactors make a positive impact on litter control and site aesthetics.

  • Space Saving ‘Scissor Action’ Cylinders
  • Optional Automated Eurobin Lifters Factory Fitted
  • Low Friction Ram Head Guides
  • ¾ Full Warning System
  • Retaining Teeth on Header Bar
  • Key Start Operation
  • Auto Shut Down to Prevent Overloading
  • Intelligent High Efficiency Power Pack
  • Text & e-mail Notifications of Machine Status (50% full/full etc.)
  • Remote Diagnostic Functionality
  • Made in the UK

All Purchases Inclusive of Delivery, Installation, Commissioning and Operator Training.


12 Month Warranty

Free Safety Inspection & Service on all purchases

Made in the UK

15yd Portable

32yd Portable

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