Zero to Landfill

Here at One Stop we carefully select our partners to allow us to continually strengthen our UK wide network of waste processing and treatment facilities.

The days of collecting your waste for ‘direct delivery’ to landfill are gone. We are committed to partnering with waste processors that invest in only the most desired methods of waste handling, processing, recovery and disposal.

With access to the right facilities your Zero to Landfill goal can easily be achieved through sortation and capture of the recyclable elements of your waste. As waste travels through a series of treatment processes there are ultimately some remaining fractions that historically may have been landfilled. With years of investment in the UK we now have a strong network of facilities which have the technology and the ability to treat these residues. We measure their calorific values and successfully divert this material to ‘Waste to Energy’ processes such as the manufacture of ‘Refuse Derived Fuel.’ We also have access to Anaerobic Digestion facilities and dedicated collections of food and animal waste allowing us to comfortably deal with residual waste streams.

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Zero to Landfill

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